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First of all, thank you for your years of service providing not only etiquette for our young people but also a coming of age event during their lives.  My first son started cotillion in 5th grade and my second son could not wait until he was old enough to attend, now with my third son in 3rd grade, he too is waiting his turn.  My boys have told several of their non-cotillion friends that they are missing out.  They enjoy the social aspect as well as learning dances and appropriate behavior (without realizing it). Cotillion has been a wonderful experience for our boys and one that we highly recommend to our friends.
— Karen
Thank you for giving my daughter such a wonderful day! She not only had a great time, but she couldn’t wait to share with us what she learned.
— Jill
Your program is a wonderful opportunity for these children to learn how they should be treated when they enter young adulthood, and we are grateful to be a part of it.
— Mary
I think the lessons they learn at Cotillion are critical and appreciate all you do for our children.
— Tiffany
My daughter loves Cotillion.  She even told me she wants to be a Helper when she graduates.
— Kim
I think Cotillion is very important.
— Deema
We have enjoyed cotillion (I too participated when I was young!) and my daughter really looks forward to it.
— Christy
I totally agree that civility, kindness and respect seem to be disappearing from our society, so I’m glad you are working on ways to fit this much-needed activity back into young people’s lives.
— Ellis
Thank you so much for continuing to provide this amazing opportunity for our children.
— Michael