About Little Rock Junior Cotillion



Little Rock Junior Cotillion, Inc. is a social dance and etiquette program for fifth through eighth graders in central Arkansas, with students from 30+ schools.

The Little Rock Junior Cotillion curriculum includes the teaching of dance as well as social graces. Manners and etiquette are taught and put into practice. Participants learn line dances and partner dances while enjoying music by a four-piece band. Receiving lines, grand marches, trading partners, introductions and how to serve refreshments are mastered early in the program. During the dances, we incorporate “Moments for Manners” to highlight topics such as thank you notes, good sportsmanship, cell phone etiquette, and much more.  Treating others with respect and kindness is emphasized at each dance.

Apply for 2019 Cotillion here. Returning students may pay tuition here.