Be confident that your staff has the social tools to make a good impression for your company.  Classes may be tailored to your needs and can cover topics like:  telephone manners, dining tutorial, introductions, business cards, networking, social media netiquette, dress for success and more.  Please leave your contact information if you would like to schedule a class or need more information.

Little Rock Junior Cotillion welcomes requests for private classes and group classes. 

Do you have a specific topic your group needs? Do you prefer customized class? Do you learn better in one-on-one setting? Are you getting ready for the wedding or a professional lunch and are nervous about how will you present yourself?

​Please reach out to us for details at or call us (501) 227.7979.

​​​​Teaching Etiquette and Dance to Little Rock Youth since 1948

As children, we think when we grow up we will know how to do everything correctly.  In reality, we often have embarrassing experiences where we wish we knew the proper way to conduct ourselves.  Do you have questions about what fork to use?  How to write a thank you note?  How to make a toast?  Where  the gentleman walks in relation to the woman?  How to make introductions?  Where to place your name tag?  When to start eating?  How etiquette at work differs from social etiquette? 

We can answer these questions and many more.  Classes can be tailored to your specific group and needs. Please leave your contact information to be notified when classes are scheduled or to schedule a class for your group.


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